Watercraft Deals for Paddlers!

Here are a few of the boats we currently have up for grabs.  If any strike your fancy and you would like a short test drive or to set up a time to grab your boat, email us at Nathan@potomacriveroutfitters.com  or just make a payment to get your gear here. cash.me/$nateler

  • NDK Explorer Red Deck/White Hull – This super hardy boat will exceed all your expedition sea kayaking needs and dreams. Custom foam seat is super comfy, the boat is used, but still dry as a bone when you head out on the water.  Easily hauls a weeks worth of gear or more.  $1050
  • Wavesport Z Black/Green – The quintessential old schoolers surfing boat. I would rather not part with it and know I am going to miss it.  Shred any wave on the Potomac in this wonderfully versatile river runner. This is the type of boat you will wonder why they ever stopped making them. It loves Center Chute when the stubby boats can’t attain to it and is bonded to Odeck. This boat was designed by EJ and the Potomac was its main testing bed. $250

Here are some miscellaneous yet paddling related items.

  • Saltwood Hustle Touring – A great sea kayak (above) deserves an equally wonderful paddle. This brand new never been on the water paddle is bent shaft, carbon blades, 30degree offset, 22o cm. Saltwood makes one of the most comfortable paddles I have ever used.  Its neutral bent shaft is truly a master piece of engineering and retails for $450. It is yours for $325.
  • Immersion Research Super Model Drysuit –  This was my suit for the last two seasons. Well taken care of, rinsed often. Gaskets Maintained. I did put a small pin hole in the leg around the knee which I patched. It was dry last week in the river.  It is size XL.  The gaskets are in good shape and as I said the suit was dry. $400



Do you still have the remix and if so can you send pics


I do have the Remix, It is a yellow Remix 79. No cracks or welds. Just a bit on the scuffed up side. Will work on getting you a picture.


Do you still have the Diesel 60, and if so, could it be shipped? I would pay for shipping if need be.


sorry, all gone.

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