Weekend Skill Building Trips


On various weekends throughout the year we offer trips to nearby rivers. Rivers like the Lehigh, North Branch, Lower Yough, and Shenandoah offer a great venue to hone your skills, expand your comfort zone, and enjoy an energizing weekend outdoors. Rivers like the New River, Lower Gauley, and Cheat Canyon offer venues to expand and truly challenge your abilities.

Whether it is your first time down a new river or a familiar run, all will gain new insight into their paddling on a trip with us. Our river trips are instructional and are much more than just a “guided run”.  We take the time to break down rapids, make you part of the trip logistics, and help you gain a solid footing so you can be comfortable on your own future trips. Choose to go drop in on the first day of any weekend trip or stay overnight with us for a full two days of adventure.

We offer a 5-trip package. Join us for a total of 5 day trips for the discounted rate of $475. You have 2-years from the purchase date to take your river trips.

The fee includes instruction only. We maintain our 4:1 student to instructor ratio to ensure your paddling needs are addressed. Other expenses such as driving, food, and camping are on you or shared as a group. Any boat or gear rental is additional.

Choose purchase a single weekend trip or the 5-trip package via our payment site.

Bar B Q, Boating, and Beer (AKA, Southeastern Road trip)


Head South with me for a guided weekend river trip. Three to four days of paddling classic southeast rivers like the Nantahala, Ocoee, Chattooga, the Green, and Pigeon, just to name a few of the possible rivers available. We take advantage of two events over the weekend. Guaranteed water on the Ocoee, a river rescue rodeo, and the NOC GAF Festival.

We love bringing people back to the area where Nathan was raised in, sharing the rivers and places that helped shape him as a paddler and instructor. Not only will the paddling be great we will make sure to spend some time in Asheville and surrounding area taking advantage of some great restaurants and brew pubs as well as do some really great people watching. Folks can opt to stay in our giant rental house and share costs, camp at mom’s house, or lodge on their own. Pay for anywhere from 1 to 4 days of instruction. and guiding. Contact us for more information.

Rogue River, Oregon – 5 day overnight Raft-Support Trip


Join Potomac River Outfitters and Sundance Kayak School for 5 beautiful days on the wild and scenic Rogue River in Oregon. This gorgeous river is truly unique and the best way to see it is from the seat of a kayak, raft, or inflatable kayak. Even Stand Up Paddleboards!

That’s right, anyone can go. From the intermediate or advanced kayaker wanting to see a new river or the non-paddler who would like to float on the guided oar rig raft with a camera and beverage in hand. This trip is appropriate for ages 12 and up. We need a minimum of 7 folks to make this happen and can take as many as 20.

You can book this trip now with our partners Northwest Rafting and Sundance Kayak School.

$1045 for just rafting   $1295 for Kayaking

Creeking on Call

Creeking On Call is a pretty simple concept. Be ready to go boating when conditions are prime, drop what your are doing, and head to the river. Rain doesn’t always fall on the weekend. Here is how we think things will work.  Join the mailing list and/or our twitter feed. Several days out from a rain event we will begin to make my best guess as to what will be running and where. Creeking on Call is most likely a creek boating day trip for Class 3+/4 paddlers but it could also be playboating. We will begin sending a notice to the email list a few days out, followed by refined plans right up to go time.  You will get a meeting location/time, name of the river, and the ETA for our return. All you have to do is be one of the first 4 to email and put down money for the trip.  Show up, we load up, and have the best ‘sick day’ you have ever had to call in for. Consider it a wellness day. Our basic day trips are $140. These little lovlies are a mere $95 per outing plus sharing travel expenses (gas). We need a minimum of 2 and a max of 4 to launch a trip.  Don’t disappoint me, join the mailing list and get on a creek with me.



The Futa – The river is completely mesmerizing and the water the most entrancing blue ever. The scenery distracts you from the all encompassing rapids as you glance up to take it all in. Nathan has never been taken in by any place like he has with the Futaleufu in Patagonia.

Big powerful rapids in a startling green blue color and giant pillowy waves provide all sorts of challenges. It is one of the more unique rivers we have ever been on. And it is not just the river that is incredible. The people in town are some of the nicest and most accommodating anywhere. Hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking are great ways to explore. The area is remote and seems like it is set off to itself.

The explorations on land are just as rewarding as the river. Paddlers and guides from all over the globe flock here each season. You might converse in town with someone in Spanish one moment, in French another, and then be relieved that you can pick up every other word from the group from Whales. In short, Futa has to be experienced and seen to be believed.

Lodging – We have a great set up with our friends at H20Patagonia at the head of the Futa’ Valley. “Luxury by night adventure by day” is their motto.  You will sleep on feather beds and comforters in candlelit safari tents along the river. Mulit-course meals are prepared from locally sourced ingredients paired with Chilean wines. A woodfired hottub and Pisco Sours welcome you back from the river each day. It is a truly remarkable place with incredibly talented guides, kayakers, and support staff.

Getting There – Here is an outline of how going to Chile works. Once you have decided to join us, we need to work on getting you down there. First, I suggest taking the direct flight from Dulles to play tourist in beautiful Buenas Aires via the airline of your chose. Then, stay a day or two tourisiting in the beautiful city. It really is an incredible place and worth going to all by itself. Next we would fly out to a town about an hour and half from Futaleufu. We will hop a bus or taxi and make our way across the “Frontera” (border).  We will spend the next 6 days paddling the Espolon (class 2), Azul (class 3/4), Tigre (class 3+), and various sections of the Futaleufu (class 2-5).  After paddling for 6 days, we can send you right back to Buenos Aires to fly home or you have various options if you choose to stay in Chile. We can help you get over to Bariloche for a night or two, or on to Santiago or other fun adventures. Allow about 10 days for our trip. Stay longer on your own to really get the most out of your airline ticket dollars.

Skill Levels – To do well on this river, it helps to be used to bigger volume rivers with swirly powerful eddies. A solid roll is necessary. Being comfortable on rivers like the Ottowa, Potomac at high flow, and Gauley are a good guideline.  Class 3+ to solid Class 4 paddlers are ideal, but we have plenty of options for the Class 2 to 3 paddler. With our outfitter partnernship we have the ability to host non-paddlers and raft with them or put folks in inflatable kayaks.

Costs for our Futa’ trip – $2800 all-inclusive with airport pick up from Esquel. All meals, lodging, adult beverage, shuttles, kayaks, and guiding are provided. Flights are a separate expense, see below.

7 nights and 6 days. In short, our entire stay at H20 Patagonia and all its amenities.

Additional Costs to calculate – Your flight down to Buenos Aires is generally about $1000, but can be less or more depending on where you fly into, who you fly with, and when you book the flight. Transportation costs for example from Buenas Aires to Futa can be about $125 for the overnight bus and a couple short bus rides to $350 for a domestic flight into Esquel or Bariloche. Folks also can get to Futa’ from Chile and that route can be less or more, and in my experience less reliable.

Depending on how long you want to stay in Buenos Aires recovering from your flight down and soaking in scenery will also need to be factored in. Hostels can be a great economical option at about $30/night. Entire 2 bedroom apartments can be rented for around $125 per night. Very nice meals are quite affordable.

We will be posting the 2018 trip dates soon. If you would like to join us on the Futa, please contact us.