Winter Pool Rolling

Join us in the pool here in Alexandria, VA! Why take our rolling classes?  Our versatility, customization, and non-dogmatic approach to rolling instruction and our commitment to truly small and manageable class sizes will help you to learn a roll more quickly and successfully. Other outfitters and instructors seek us out to help with their rolls as well or to train staff on how to teach rolling.

Our approach helps paddlers who need a rolling “adjustment” get what they need in a direct and clearly broken down fashion.  Our approach helps beginners learn a more solid roll faster. We don’t just instruct seasonally on the weekends, we do this year round.  We are able to teach and help improve any of the main styles of rolling, from C to C, Sweep, Back Deck, Hand Rolls, Extended Paddle, and others.

2016-17 Dates are up and on our calendar!  This years exciting news is that we have now rented the whole pool facility. Our sessions will be from 6-8pm.

Other sessions we can sometimes meet you all at are the following:
Fairland: Check out CPA Dates
Takoma Park: Tuesday Evenings, 8-945 Jan-March No Charge from us, just pay for your pool time, Tips and Practice night with CCA

Our sessions are held at the  Chinqaupin Rec Center in Alexandria, VA. Open sessions (practice on your own) and lessons available. We will also do lessons at the  Fairland Aquatic Center, love that hot tub. We occasionally offer free tips and instruction at Takoma Park with the CCA Pool Sessions January – March on Tuesday evenings.

Options include open practice, small group lessons, private instruction, kids classes, and play boating.

Learn to Kayak Weekend

Take a weekend this summer and learn to paddle. We often say, not paddling in DC is like living in Denver and not skiing. DC and the Potomac River provide a wonderful venue for learning to kayak. By learning a few basic skills in whitewater kayaks you will be very comfortable taking on other forms of kayaking and have a solid foundation to continue whitewater paddling, should that be your goal.  Kayaks and gear are provided for our beginner classes, we also include lunch on our weekend lesson.

Offered generally the second weekend of the month  May through September to 4 – 8 lucky people. Small classes for you means lots of learning, personalized attention, and flexible classes.

Fill a full clinic with 4 students, the organizer receives three evening clinics of their choice free of charge. Fill a clinic with 8 and get your 3 evening clinics and a private lesson.

Evening Clinics

Our evening clinics are designed around small informative lessons delivered in an active format. They are intended for folks having completed the intro weekend to further develop their skills and proficiency and gain new ones. They are also great for folks from varied kayaking backgrounds to gain more knowledge and insight into their paddling. Take several over the summer or just drop in for a tune up.

Our evening sessions are small mini-lessons are specific paddling topics for the skills pertinent to that group. We roughly divide things up as follows.

Advanced Beginners:  Thursday Evenings Class 2 paddlers looking to move up.

Intermediates: Tuesday Evenings Class 3 paddler looking to move up.

Advanced: Wednesday Evenings Class 3+4 paddlers looking to move up

Lessons are offered at Lock 5/6 and at Anglers.  Contact us to discuss what group to hop into. Take one class or you can sign up for a whole month or season of access.

Sit on Top Kayaking Sampler

We realize that you all may be pretty busy folks who might think that kayaking involves waterfalls. With that in mind we do offer from time to time a kayak sampler for those that would like to try out kayaking, but aren’t sure about taking the plunge. In a 3.5 hour format we will introduce you to how fun paddling can be. We will show you the boats, how to use them and the related gear safely, and how to get them moving in a fun and interactive fashion. If you can’t catch up with us on one of our dates the CCA, a local club, gets people out one night a week during the summer at Fletchers Cove. Our sampler class is a great group/family outing, great for out of town guests, and a fun office excursion. With advance notice we can host up to 15 people.

Rescue Essentials

Rescue is an important (essential) skill for all kayakers. We go over the basics in this 5 hour course focusing on self rescue for part and aiding your friends and group members in the second part. Swimming rapids, intro to ropes and boat based rescue techniques are applied in this class so you can be part of the solution on your next river trip. This course is an excellent preparation for new kayakers contemplating their first river trip, an excellent class to take after our intro weekend, or as your first rescue class. We cover accident prevention and trip planning. No special gear is needed for this class, we provide what you need so you don’t end up buying gear that turns out not to be so useful.

Intermediate Skills Weekend

If you can’t get away on one of our trips for a whole weekend; we offer a weekend of classes on the Potomac for the intermediate paddler looking to refine their skill set. This is a great option for students finishing up beginner courses from other programs looking for the next step, paddlers seeking refinement, or those getting back into the sport after a hiatus. The course consists of two half day classes on the Potomac on Saturday and Sunday. We start early so you can enjoy the rest of the day after we finish up. The class is based on the Potomac so won’t miss anything in town. You should have a solid roll in flat to moving water and paddle Class 2/3 proficiently. Our small class size helps ensure plenty of individualized instruction.

Wilderness First Aid & CPR

From time to time we offer a WFA course along with CPR. From time to time, paddlers find themselves in need of these skills. Having this course under your belt makes you a more complete paddler. When we host a course, we do so through Landmark Learning, one of if not the leading company providing this sort of training.  When we host a course, we will post details here and on the calendar. In the mean time,  should you need one of these courses, please visit the Landmark Learning website to learn more about how you can have a course anytime.