We teach all level of kayakers: beginners, intermediate, and advanced kayakers. Below you will find a basic explanation of each category to better assess your kayaking abilities. When scheduling a private lesson or joining a class please consider your abilities and the level of the course, or if you prefer call us to discuss which course is best for you.


Beginners: We consider a beginner kayaker to be a new(er) paddler who has not had the experience of a wet exit from a kayak or a kayak roll. Beginners are still learning to paddle in a straight line and have limited experience in moving water.

Intermediates: An intermediate kayaker will likely have a kayak roll that works most of the time, paddle proficiently in a straight line, and exhibit boat control in moving to easy whitewater up to about Class 2+.

Advanced: An advanced paddler does well in Class 3, hit their rolls, but are bit overwhelmed when confronted with Class 4 rapids.


Enrolling in classes and clinics

Enrolling is simple, and you have two options. 1) Simply click the SquareUp link that accompanies any course description, select the course, pay, and you’re enrolled. Or,  2) choose your course and view the calendar for available dates. Once you have selected your course and day, simply pay via our SquareUp link. When using SquareUp, you will have to identify the class/clinic and applicable date(s). If you are unsure what is right for you, give us call so we can help.


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