Watercraft Deals for Paddlers!

Here are a few of the boats we currently have up for grabs.  If any strike your fancy and you would like a short test drive or to set up a time to grab your boat, email us at Nathan@potomacriveroutfitters.com  or just make a payment to get your gear here. Payment Link

  • NDK Explorer Red Deck/White Hull – This super hardy boat will exceed all your expedition sea kayaking needs and dreams. Custom foam seat is super comfy, the boat is used, but still dry as a bone when you head out on the water.  Easily hauls a weeks worth of gear or more.  $1050


  • Wavesport Z Black/Green – The quintessential old schoolers surfing boat. I would rather not part with it and know I am going to miss it.  Shred any wave on the Potomac in this wonderfully versatile river runner. This is the type of boat you will wonder why they ever stopped making them.  It loves Center Chute when the stubby boats can’t attain to it and is bonded to Odeck. This boat was designed by EJ and the Potomac was its main testing bed. $250


  • Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel 90 – Orange and Shiny.  Hardly been on the water. Just in a few classes.  $600


The Mullet is Back! And bigger than ever…..


I just returned from the land of Liquid Logic and all things Asheville. After brushing shoulders with all the manly men in flannel, a few panhandling hippies on $1500hover boards, and super charming yet all the same 5ook bungalows (thanks Curb Appeal type shows) we made it back to DC with the much anticipated Mullet from Liquid Logic.

While in my old homeland I got to paddle the boat with none other than Woody and his good buddy Eric.  Both are well over 6ft tall, Eric is around 200lb  and Woody, well he’s looking pretty trim these days and is around 24o? or so. Both played B-ball at Western way back when before boating and it turns out we have Eric partially to thank for all these great boats LL has turned out as he got Woody into some boating.

The venue was the Noli at around 3k, surfers wet dream.  We met at the take out, hitched up a shuttle ride, outfitted our brand new Mullets in about 5mins and off we went. Here is what I can say about the boat.

  • Slicey stern, squirts pretty nicely, but does not grab all that much on eddy lines when you don’t want it down.  A nice bit of volume behind seat helps this I think.
  • Roomy and comfortable for a wide range of folks. Me 215 and 5.10 with size 10 River Tennies on. Woody and Eric mentioned above both have large feet.  So no worries there.  I would say 185 – 225 is very optimal for this boat, but can handle above and below that quite well.
  • Boat took seconds to get used to.  Wicked fast IMO, responsive, zippy, and stable.
  • Catches waves of all types on the fly, has a super loose sweet spot and when you activate that, you are in for a killer surf if you can stay ahead of it.
  • Plenty of volume in the bow and the boat skips right over large holes and loves carving in and out of eddy lines. Very slalom-ey in its feel.   Loved diving into and out of eddy lines in this boat.
  • Did I say this boat was built to surf? It sure is. Having not boated much lately and getting over a bad cold, I surfed what I could. Woody and Eric got on anything they tried, there was plenty we did not get on, but if you are ready to try to surf it, this boat is going to blow your mind.  Cant think of a feature on the Noli at 3k that this boat would not do some fun things in.
  • For us on the Potomac, Center chute and Odeck for sure, Rocky, most likely. Wet bottom, yes.  MD and VA, of course. This is a surfers dream boat.  I will feel quite comfortable running in this boat all season and you will likely see me paddling little else. I can creek and river run in it, and play enough to keep me happy in a river runner, side surfs, enders, front surfs, splats, and stern squirts.   Upper Yough, let me get rid of this cold first. Top Yough, shoot yeah. Falls Runners that are already running them, check this boat out for a great Falls Running into O-Deck surf kind of day.

I think I have conveyed the essentials. If you like to surf and are 170- 240 or even a bit above, give this boat a spin. If you have been surfing the Axiom 8.5 but have thought you sunk it a bit much at your weight, then definitely hop in this boat.

We offer a demo. As do our friends at Calleva’s Liquid Adventures and Active Nature . If 3 DC kayak schools can agree on boat company, you may want to check them out.  You can purchase yours at the Liquid Logic website and if its not on there, just call in. I will likely make another run and pick up some more boats in a few weeks.

***If we get 10 orders from DC at about the same time, I will run down immediately, or fairly soon.    Coordinate with your buds to make it easier to track. ***

Fall Boat Sales Kick Off

Its the time of year that we will begin to sell off our fleet.  However, to kick things off, we have a special offering.

2007 Subaru Outback Sport Impreza Wagon $8700

 78, 000 Miles 


This is an excellent AWD car, great in snow, and great for running shuttle and any trip you might want to take it on.  Super reliable and well maintained.  Priced currently below book value, so we are not looking to haggle. If you like the car and like the price, come drive it one day or make any reasonable offer.

Automatic, AWD, CD changer, premium sound, subwoofer, fog lights, automatic windows/locks, all the usual Subaruness of a 2007 era Subie

703 – 338 – 9790  or email us to set up a test drive. nathan@potomacriveroutfitters.com


Boat Sale 2014

We want to get some new boats! So that means you can get some of our instructional boats at a great deal.

All boats are only a few seasons old. Were used lightly in Class 2 and the pool.  So they are a great deal for you.

If you are checking out a boat and we don’t think it to be the best option for you, we will tell you. We don’t force boats on our students with a sales pitch.  You can view the boat, demo the boat, or take a lesson in the boat to make sure it is the best option for you.

Terms: Cash or check preferred, add %4 for credit card.  Local pick up preferred  or you work out creative way to get boat – friends road trip, come take an awesome lesson in DC, or Greyhound for shipping.

Here is the list.

Yakima Roofrack Set up – will fit Subaru Forester or similar car with factory rails –

Comes with 58 in bars, towers, locks, harpoon stackers, and two bike trays – All for $250

Diesel 60 – Red/Black – $450

WS Evo – Red – $200

Redline – Red – $200

Mamba 7.5 – Blue – $475

Mamba 8.5 – Red/white – $450

Seda Slalom Kevlar boat – $250

NDK Explorer – Red/white, custom seat –  $1400

Salt Wood Hustle – 220 cm – 30 offset – bent shaft – $350, brand new

1 L/XL Older Astral Rescue Jacket – pre Green Jacket – faded orange – $50

Paddling the KarmaRG, StingerXP, and Greenboat.

They look fast
They look fast

Last week I had the opportunity to paddle three great long boats. It has been a long time since we had so many great choices of this type of boat made this year:).  Thanks to the long boat revival we have seen coming from the extreme racing world and folks wanting overnight boats, we have some really great choices. The Potomac River has long been a stalwart supporter of longer whitewater boats. The long boat really never disappeared here, in fact, for a while I thought the Potomac was where long boats went to retire and live a long fruitful life attaining and surfing Rocky.  Now, it appears with the movement in full swing, manufacturers have fully embraced it and are making some great new crafts. A student asked me what boat they should get and having only experienced the Stinger and Greenboats prior, along with numerous “old school” long boats, I was inspired to find out more for myself.  Read more

One shoe to rule them all…


One of the most important and overlooked items a paddler can wear is their footwear.  You can’t hike out, rescue effectively, or get to the put in as safely without a great pair of foot coverings.  Sit back, take a look at a few here, and learn what works and what doesn’t. Read more