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River Rescue Nates Way, Session 1

August 18, 2018


Hi All, I’ve been doing river rescue courses for quite some time. Working full time many years as a raft guide, kayak instructor, camp program director, with and alongside rescue squads, and many years co teaching with some of the top leaders in the river rescue arena. My approach is streamlined and hands on.  I shave off things that are hard to recall and are of little enough help in order to focus more time and effort on the skills that work. This year I am breaking the course into 3 parts. Each part lasts a day and each part has some space inbetween so you have time to recover, reflect, and practice upon what you have learned thus far and start putting things into practice .  Folks can take all three classes ($250), take just one ($120).  Thereby focusing on what set is most pertinent in your kayaking career.  There is also the option to take the whole series or just the days you need as a previous river rescue student of mine. ($95) gets you the whole program and ($50) for al a carte.  I provide this as its just as important to have a dedicated venue to practice and the time to do it. Mainly for retention.

Day 1 Focuses on the following of what I refer to as the core skill sets. If you cant do these well, there really is little sense in throwing more complex stuff out there.  Think of  day 1 as emphasizing how we can stay our of trouble with some pre trip planning and a little fore thought and an attitude adjustment.  The day continues as we prepare to help you all move through the water in various modes, both in and out of your boat. Access to the victim is the main thing here. We will cover some other essential techniques: simple boat pins, boat bases rescue, safer rope handling and throwing.  This will be a full day.


The other skills down the road will follow on additional Saturdays in August and September.


Nathan Nahikian


Potomac River
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