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What our clients are saying...

"Thanks Nate for an amazing experience on the river! Potomac River Outfitters is the best and will share all of the great things you do with my friends and family. The instruction was superb, the group was inviting and friendly, and the river was perfectly challenging. I learned so much, thank you"

- Joe Smith, Beginner Kayak Class

River Rescue, Boats to Sell

River Rescue is scheduled for the weekend of October 19 and 20. This will be an ACA Level 4 rescue class with Nates special touches. Those include a super simplification of boat unpinning and mechanical advantage that should have you pulling your buddies cars in no time and an emphasis on boat based rescue techniques and gaining access to the victims and rescue sites. We will streamline effective throw bagging techniques and work through the most effective methods. We will also be emphasizing and discussing with you all more on judgement and desision making and working through how to promote safe trips.

Also I have a number of boats to sell of and will likely try to do a outdoor gear yard sale. Folks my size can score some awesome deals on brown pants ūüôā

Boats to Sale

  • Soul Kayaks Booty Call – $475 (basically brand new)
  • Pirouette White – $300
  • Pirouette S – $325
  • Super Sport – $275
  • Dagger Piedra – $300
  • Perception Phat – $325
  • RPM (super shiny) – $375
  • Pyranha G:3 – $200
  • Remix 79 – $450
  • Remix 59 – $500

End of the Year, Start of a New One…..

Hi All,

It is that time of year when folks go on about how their years went and goals for the next. I will be short  think.  I have been having a bit of trouble finding the right words of late.  This evening finds me in Asheville in my moms driveway at 41 years old with my brother and his family who are helping me finish out the back of the van.  We have a New Years day paddle coming up and plenty of you have been to rolling. I simply want to say thank you to each of you for joining me on the river this past season and I of course would love to see you next season too.  Here are a few things that we plan on coming up this season. Sometime or another Desiree or I will throw some things not the calendar.

Vansion Ambiance, so Cozy. Thats a bath robe!
Vansion Ambiance, so Cozy. Thats a bath robe!

  • New Years Day Paddle¬†¬†– Hey this is fun all the schools will be hooking up together to run a community paddle. Options for multiple skill levels. ¬†There will be ice in beards, frozen skirts, maybe fire, some snacks and beverages, and maybe an axe or two.


  • Pool Rolling in Jan, Feb, and March. Team River Runner is doing us the honor of hopping in our pool session and we plan to get some of the vets rolling. The plan is for them to paddle the Grand Canyon in the Fall. We are super happy to help out.


  • We have a couple of Asheville Trips coming up in the Spring, with the help of some of our advanced students we have really honed and ironed out the logistics to paddle. You wont even have to take a day off work. ¬† Trips for Intermediate through Advanced will be offered. ¬† If you have a weekend and want to go somewhere we haven’t scheduled something, reach out and we can probably set something up for you.


  • Spring Training this year will be run in a new and fun format designed to bring you guys along from the Class 3 round as per usual, however this year we will have a small program designed to push folks a good bit more. ¬†Monday and Wednesday evening workouts for the main group, sort of our normal well run program with reasonable group sizes and plenty of instruction and guided challenges. And a new Tuesday Evening Workout for those that would like to have the hammer down a bit more. ¬†Saturday workouts we will have extra talent on hand in order to challenge each group appropriately. ¬†Trips to the Various Rivers will be on Saturdays in March with Sundays an extra day for our more seasoned paddlers.


  • May Spring Training for those that just plain are not down with the cold. Those will be Tuesday and Thursday evening workouts with a Saturday river run or day trip. ¬†This is a great program for the Class 2/3 Paddler.


  • Under Construction
    Under Construction

    Private Lessons right now can be had through-out the winter on the Potomac for a great price and whats better the river isn’t crowded and there is plenty for us to work on.


  • Finally, we are offering something new this year that I am quite excited about. Want to get good at paddling? Hate figuring out what things will cost and when to schedule? Me too. ¬†You can now set yourself up for a season pass with us. Any program I mentioned above (cept Asheville Trip) for one price. Thats right, Day trips, evening classes and clinics, Spring Training, May Spring Training, and I will throw in 2 private lessons in with the program. ¬†Basically, whether you are starting out or have a few seasons under you, this program I think will be the best value you are likely to find. ¬†Season Pass will cost you $850, but is good for river and trips from Spring Training pretty much all the way through to Gauley Season.

So that is a bit of whats in store and some of what I have been pondering and plotting. ¬†Come join us on a trip, lesson, private lesson. Tell your friends that you’d like to start out paddling to get a hold of me and we will start them off right. ¬†Pick a weekend and we can do custom rescue courses or pretty much any thing you have a mind to try. ¬†Try using some of the links above to sign up right now for some sweet sweet kayak instruction. (Want to try Whitewater Canoe?, I can manage that too)

Happy New Year!  And also, help us reach you more easily for great deals and even better trips and lessons. Newsletter Sign Up !




Chile is already a go for 2019. We will be heading there over next New Years and Holiday Break into early January 19.  Message me if you want to be on the Chile Info List.

Watercraft Deals for Paddlers!

Here are a few of the boats we currently have up for grabs.  If any strike your fancy and you would like a short test drive or to set up a time to grab your boat, email us at Nathan@potomacriveroutfitters.com  or just make a payment to get your gear here. Payment Link

  • NDK Explorer Red Deck/White Hull – This super hardy boat will exceed all your expedition sea kayaking needs and dreams. Custom foam seat is super comfy, the boat is used, but still dry as a bone when you head out on the water. ¬†Easily hauls a weeks worth of gear or more. ¬†$1050


  • Wavesport Z Black/Green – The quintessential old schoolers surfing boat. I would rather not part with it and know I am going to miss it. ¬†Shred any wave on the Potomac in this wonderfully versatile river runner. This is the type of boat you will wonder why they ever stopped making them. ¬†It loves Center Chute when the stubby boats can’t attain to it and is bonded to Odeck. This boat was designed by EJ and the Potomac was its main testing bed. $250


  • Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel 90 – Orange and Shiny. ¬†Hardly been on the water. Just in a few classes. ¬†$600